Best Tourist Attractions In Zermatt, Switzerland That Must Top Your List

Zermatt is famous for winter sports and is an attractive destination for climbers all over the world. Steep mountains on all sides cover the green valley. The curved Matterhorn makes the landscape look like a postcard view from any angle. It is not possible to drive to Zermatt directly. You will have to take a cable car from around five kilometers to get to the sleepy Alpine mountains. From the top, you can try various winter sports like skiing and hiking. There are skiing trails for all levels from Winkelmatte to Furi. My commercial painter in Minneapolis is always talking about Switzerland. Visit his site:


Top Tourist Attractions In Zermatt, Switzerland


Here are some of the top tourist attractions in Zermatt, Switzerland that you must visit to enjoy the country’s scenic beauty.


  1. Matterhorn


The only reason why Zermatt is considered Switzerland’s beauty is the sharp mountain pyramid as the background. It is world-famous and is an important element that beautifies the area, making it a lot more than a simple swiss village. A British team of five climbers and two guides first climbs the 4478m mountain in 1865. However, only extremely well-skilled mountaineers can climb the mountain.


  1. Winter Sports


With the help of surrounding glaciers, you can ski all year round. With high ski terrains of 2500meters and 3900meters attract various tourists around the year. Even the kids can start their first skiing in beginner level trails with the help of professional skiers. The highest vertical drop of 2133meters in Switzerland is situated here.


  1. The Gornergat Railway


The highest mountain railroad of Europe, Gornergat Bahn, runs in the open country and travels 10km in forty-five minutes to reach the summit of Gornergat. The railroads travel through the Nikolai valley to the slopes of Riffelberg in a broad curve. Riffelberg is situated at 2582 meters altitude. You will get the magnificent view of Matterhorn from the peak.


  1. Hinterdorf


Once you walk ahead of the Zermatt village, you will find the Monte Rosa Hotel built for early climbers. You can also take a historical tour of the area. Moving ahead is Hinterdorf, full of old wooden barns, stables, storehouses, chalets, and narrow lanes. These villages have houses built in the 16th and 18th centuries.


  1. Kleines Matterhorn


Imagine yourself on the highest cable car in Europe and the magnificent mountain ranges surrounding you. The journey starts from Trockener Steg and tr5avel;s towards the northern side of the Kleines Mountains. The lift is taken to the summit of the Kleines at 3884meters.


  1. Sunnegga


The sun terrace of Sunnegga is only a 2289meters climb from the center of Zermatt. In the summer season, there are various other attractions for children and adults. You can have your kids enjoying the crystal water of the Leisse. You can also watch the furry animals of the Alpine mountains near the marmot watching station.


Other than these, there is a Matterhorn museum that consists of Zermatt’s history and some details of the early climbers. You can also check out Governor George and Theodul glacier with the help of a cable car. From Furi, it is a thirty minutes walk to the Dossen glacier garden, which is beautiful and a must-watch.

Author: Lupita Gonzalez