Jamaica: A Perfect Holiday Destination For Nature Lovers

Jamaica is one of the romantic destinations with a jaw-dropping view of nature. The lush landscapes, waterfalls, and grand rivers make Jamaica one of the world’s beautiful places. Being the cultural capital of the Caribbean, festivals, reggae music, music festivals are some of the activities that you definitely cannot miss. The island of Rhythm is also adventurous with various water sport activities. Cliff diving and bamboo rafting are the two major sports that you must try in Jamaica.


Top Things That You Cannot Miss On Your Holiday In Jamaica


There are numerous hotels, restaurants, and fun activities in Jamaica, which will never make you bored. We have a list of things that you must visit when in Jamaica.


Cliff Diving At Rick’s Cafe


The one thing that will rush adrenaline by just reading the column is cliff diving. The cafe is located in Negril and is a popular tourist destination with hot spots on the island. The cafe is famous for its food, but the main attraction is the thirty-five-foot cliff, a perfect sunset point of Jamaica. Cliff jumping is not for weak hearts. However, if you are an adventure freak, you would love it. Some tourists even climb a tree and dive from a height of eighty feet into the water.


How About A Quick Swim With The Horses?


Did you know that there are trained horses with whom you can swim in water? However, that is only limited to specific resorts. The tourists can enjoy a swim ride in the Caribbean Sea on the back of a horse. Other activities like horse riding on the beach or jumping are also part of it.


Camping And Hiking In The Beautiful Blue Mountains In Jamaica


The most extended mountain range in Jamaica has lush green forests with a beautiful view of scenery and landscapes. If you plan to hike in the mountains, you can stay in various small hotels and inns to give you good food and a pleasant room to rest. The Blue Mountains are also the home to the blue mountain coffee, which is famous worldwide.


Try The Famous Dish Of Jamaica “The Jerk Chicken”


Jerk Chicken is an original and authentic dish of Jamaica. The very own people of the country have created this dish, which is world-famous today. Many countries have tried to imitate the recipe with their spices and sauces. Imagine getting the original taste of the chicken recipe in its own country. The chefs have tried to hold the same taste and make a procedure done by their ancestors.


You Don’t Want To Miss The Luminous Lagoons!


Stretching from the wetlands of Trelawny to the Falmouth town in Jamaica, the luminous lagoon is quite famous. Well, why is the lagoon luminous? That’s because of the presence of dinoflagellates. These are microorganisms that are present in the water of the lagoon. These organisms develop in between the layers where the fresh and saltwater combine. 


Other than these, there are various other attractions like the Bob Marley museum, the Dolphin Cove, and the Dunn’s River Falls, which you can climb. For some more adventurous sports, try River rafting in the Rio Grande. Don’t forget to try the Bobsled in the rainforest mystic mountain from its peak and experience the majestic view.

Author: Lupita Gonzalez