Top Attractions Of Malindi In Kenya For Your Vacation

Malindi is one of the port towns in Kenya and is known for its pristine beaches, fresh seafood, Swahili inspired architectures, and sunny weather. The best time to visit the place is between Mid-August to Mid-October and Mid-November to Mid-April. You can take a one hour flight from Nairobi to reach Malindi.


Top Tourist Attractions In Malindi That Will Blow Your Mind


  •       SawaSawa African Dhow


Spend an entire day in the authentic and hand-built African Dhow made in Mozambique. It is a wonderful place to spend an entire day on the beach. The trip requires at least two people and a maximum of ten people to travel to the beach. You can enjoy water sports like snorkeling and others.


  •       Marafa


Marafa is popularly known as Nyari, meaning that it is broken by itself. The scorching temperature of the Sun during the day compels the place to be known as Hell’s Kitchen. People assume that a town existed in the depression destroyed by wind, rain, and storm. Colors like white, orange, deep crimson, and pink are seen in the layers of rocks.


  •       The Falconry Of Kenya


Falcons, Goshawks, Eagles, Peckers, two hundred years old tortoise are some of the animals and birds you can see in the famous zoo, the Falconry Of Kenya. If you are lucky enough, you can get a chance to pet and feed the zoo’s birds. Cobras, Pythons, and Green Mambas are the few dangerous snakes that are also found here.


  •       Gedi Ruins


Gedi ruins will astonish you with the cosmopolitan settlement markings, which is still a mystery to many archaeologists. The ruins were found in the thirteenth century, with properly planned streets, sewage, and running water. The archaeologists have also found various artifacts from all over the world. Evidence of coral brick-built houses, beautifully made mosques are signs of Muslim inhabitants in the area.


  •       Watamu National Marine Park


The first national water park with over six hundred species is a must-visit in Kenya. It is filled with colorful fishes, sea creatures, and coral reefs that attract tourists the most. You can also spot hundreds of different types of species along the coastline.


  •       Kipepeo Project


The Swahili word for butterfly is Kipepeo. You will find various live insects like moths, pupae, butterflies in the Kipepeo Project. The local community members produce silk cloth and honey, which is promoted here. You can visit the place or buy merchandise.


  •       Bio Ken Snake Park


The Bio Ken Snake Park is one of the research centers that mainly focuses on snake bites and different snakes types. The park is only thirty-five minutes away from Malindi and consists of the most extensive snakes collection in Eastern Africa.


Watamu turtle watch, Ndoro sculpture garden are some of the other sightseeing places you definitely cannot miss. If you are planning to visit Africa on your next holiday, don’t forget to visit Malindi.

Author: Lupita Gonzalez