Plan your trip to Casablanca with this handy travel guide

Modelled in the post-colonial style, this city of Morocco lends the quintessential ancient European feel to the tourists. Casablanca is often skipped by your guides stating this remarkable place as insignificant and is only known as the transit hubs. However, this city is a rich spectacle of staggeringly beautiful mosques with the gritty charm of splendid architecture. It has stunning beaches and sprawls of food counters for the travel buffs to explore. It might lack the shine the lustre of instagrammable pictures, but what it has in abundance is the richness of culture and history.


If you possess an inherent knack in scavenging the yore and exploring the gems and significant inputs long buried under the debris of time, then this place is your paradise. Unravel the grave account of past from Casablanca’s monumental structures garbed under the city charm. Read our blog on the Casablanca trip directory, clearly elucidating on areas that demand imminent attention of the tourists when they are in Morocco. Hallway into the blog and you would realise why Casablanca is more than just noises and barking horns; it’s a city of sublime landscapes and breathtaking views.


Things to see when in Casablanca

  • King Hassan Mosque – The most massive architecture additional in Morocco and third largest in the world, the King Hassan Mosque is the embodiment of intellect, unparalleled craft and superior architecture. This enormous mosque area can hold 80,000 worshippers at one time and accommodate the Olympic akin swimming pool.
  • Visit the sprawling beach of Diab and Anfa – If you are in the mood to detox your mind from sight of the skyscrapers and the bustling noise of conveyances, then your right place to retreat is the spectacular beachside of Diab and Anfa.
  • Old Medina – Built in the 19th century, Casablanca Medina has a sprawling spread of necessary items for the tourists and local. Bargain and clinch a deal like never before in these markets that have vendors from all over Morocco to sell and re-sell their product. It has the old post-colonial charisma that one cannot help but notice.
  • Makhama Du Pachaand – An elaborate structure embellished with pretty colours and paints, this building houses almost 60 rooms. Each of these rooms is generously adorned with sculpted wooden pictures, wrought-iron bannister and earthenware floors. The entire setting is a sight to behold for the visitors.


Marvel at the remarkable architectural and the intricate designs and pattern of the structures that speak of a past filled with recognition and courage. Popularly known as the Mauresque architecture, the city buildings showcases an eccentric blend of French colonial and Moroccan styles.


Things to do


  • Enjoy the Jazzablanca. It is a week-long music festival focusing mainly on jazz and contemporary music.
  • Live and learn more about Essaouira food and culture. Gorge in their delicacies and peep into the life of Souiris.
  • Explore your hands and mind to a new craft of tajine making and market haggling. Head towards home with a heart brimming with new experiences and an insightful knowledge acquired from the Moroccan masterclass.


The scenic charms of Morocco often overshadow Casablanca, and it’s grandeur, but Hollywood has great regards for its sublime show of nature’s bounty. The Mission Impossible – Rogue nation was filmed at parts in Casablanca and not Morocco. It featured some of the iconic locations of this city including the  Hassan Mosque and the chase scene filmed at the Old Medina. Visit this place if you have a soft corner for tapping on lesser-known cities often remained undisclosed due to the shine of the noticeable regions.

Author: Lupita Gonzalez